Our Accredited Investor Verification Service

Here is why our Accredited Investor Verification Service is a better way for issuers/dealers to verify investors qualify as accredited investors?

  • Confidentiality –  Confidentiality is one of the fundamental ethical duties of all lawyers as it provides “the foundation of trust and loyalty upon which the solicitor-client relationship is based” (Graham, Legal Ethics, 2d ed at 163).  As lawyers we have a duty to hold in strict confidence all information concerning the investor’s income and net worth, and cannot disclose this information unless authorized by the client or required by law.   The information disclosed to us by each investor as part of our Accredited Investor Verification Service is protected by this strict duty of confidentiality and the specific details of the investor’s income and net worth are not made available to the issuer or dealer.
  • No Conflict of Interest – Not only do most issuers and dealers not have the internal resources to collect and sufficiently verify the financial information of the investor, but since the issuer and dealer’s staff are eager to make the investment happen there is an inherent conflict of interest.   Based on our experience working with investors, issuers and dealers, we recognize a need for third party confirmation as a means for senior management to ensure securities laws are complied with.
  • Fast and Easy –  We have experience acting for issuers and dealers on private placement financings, so we understand that financings often need to come together quickly.  Our Accredited Investor Verification Service is organized to be appropriately responsive to the tight timelines of issuers and dealers.  We communicate directly with the investor, we collect the data and certificate needed to verify the net worth requirement of the investor and we issue a concise and reliable report to the issuer or dealer.

Call or email Koby Smutylo for more information. Phone 613 869 5440.  Email koby@lawyercorporation.ca.



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