Medical Marijuana License Application Process

In the past few months, we have had calls from would-be licensed producers under Canada’s Medical Marijuana Producer Regulations (“MMPR”) and also from investors inquiring about investing in a licensed producer applicant.  Both of these groups are wondering, for different reasons, about the process of obtaining a medical marijuana producer license under Canada’s MMPR.  

According to Health Canada, there are six steps to the process once your application has been received:

– Screening: the application is verified to make sure all relevant information has been provided, and required documents attached.  If information is missing, the application may be returned to you.

– Security clearance checks: Once all information is deemed present in your application, security clearance forms will be sent for processing. Note that until such a time as we receive the results from the security checks, there will be no further communications with the applicant. The time required to conduct these security checks varies with each application and you can expect that it will take a few months. Health Canada and the RCMP will not be able to provide you with updates.

– Reviewing: Once all security checks are obtained, the application will be reviewed to validate the information and documents provided.  Physical security plans will be reviewed and assessed.

– Ready to build (if required by applicant):  Once the application is deemed satisfactory, Health Canada will issue a notice informing the applicant that, if built to the specifications on the proposed plan, the security measures would meet the requirements of the MMPR.  Applicants must then build the security measures if this is not already done. 

– Pre-licence inspection: Upon confirmation from the applicant that the security measures are in place, a pre-licence application will be scheduled.  Upon completion of the inspection, the applicant must address any deficiencies identified.

– Issuance: Once the inspection is deemed satisfactory, the licence will be issued.

There are no guarantees that a license will be granted to an applicant, but Health Canada has advised that each complete application, that satisfies all the requirements, will receive a license.  

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding applying for a producer license under the MMPR or Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, call or email Koby Smutylo at 613 869 5440 or






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