MMPR – License Process and Update From Health Canada

On October 22, 2014, Health Canada issued a letter to applicants for Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation licenses.  This letter provided certain interesting statistics, including the following:

  • as of the date of the letter, there were 21 licensed producers authorized to produce a total of approximately 45,000 kilograms per year;
  • as of June 30, 2014, there were approximately 7,900 clients registered with the licensed producers;
  • registered clients purchased 148 kg of marijuana in June 2014; 
  • as of the date of the letter, Health Canada had received 900 license applications.

The letter also provides an overview of the application process, certain additional guidance for LP applicants and also re-iterates that Health Canada’s objective is to balance its need to “ensure reasonable access to marijuana” with its mandate of of “protecting public health, safety and security”.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding applying for a producer license under the MMPR or Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, call or email Koby Smutylo at 613 869 5440 or





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