Canadian Representative for Foreign Companies

“Our foreign company clients have commended us for thorough guidance on doing business in Canada, readiness to make valuable introductions to accounting, tax, insurance and other professional advisors and our flexibility in accommodating their deadlines and time zones.”

Services we perform for foreign companies include:

  • Canadian Representative for companies applying to Industry Canada for Canada certification or registration of wireless products as required under Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada) radio equipment certification RSP-100 procedure;
  • subsidiary and branch organization;
  • employment and contractor agreement drafting and employment standards compliance;
  • intellectual property protection;
  • environmental protection and regulatory matters;
  • community liaison advisory services;
  • product liability advisory services;
  • consumer protection legislation compliance.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding radio equipment certification in Canada or require a Canadian Representative for your application to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada), call or email Koby Smutylo at 613 869 5440 or


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