Corporate and Commercial Law

“Our business acumen and legal expertise enable us to deliver appropriate, cost-effective and commercially-oriented advice.”

We have a reputation for creativity and innovation, characteristics our clients are pleased and sometimes surprised to find in a corporation lawyer.  From corporate tax to technology licensing to commercial transactions, we have the legal experience and skills, resources and network to get a good result for our clients.

We don’t over-engineer transactions.  And, we are involved in every step, from due diligence through to completion, always responsive and accessible.

For business transactions that extend to foreign jurisdictions, we will work with a local attorney to quickly and prudently close the deal or resolve the matter.

We have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of industries.  We believe that a thorough understanding of the business and industry is critical to our ability to provide good advice tailored to a client’s needs.  We also understand that every business is unique and that a certain amount of our time (at no charge to our clients) is necessary to learn about your business and how we can add value.   Our objective is that over time our clients come to see us not as a “cost-centre” but as a “profit-preservation-centre”.

We work with our clients across the full spectrum of corporate and commercial law, including:

  • Compliance with the (Ontario) Business Corporations Act, Canada Business Corporations Act and other applicable legislation;
  • Devising and implementing Creditor Proofing Strategies;
  • Compliance with the TSX and TSX Venture listing rules;
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestments;
  • Venture capital and private equity;
  • Private placements, IPO and public financings;
  • Joint ventures, partnerships and co-ownership structures (establishing and restructuring);
  • corporate governance;
  • privacy compliance;
  • competition issues and franchising;
  • employee share and option plans;
  • financial services, lending arrangements and securities;
  • complex commercial agreements and long-term supply agreements.

Licensing, corporate tax, franchising and financing legal advise are a few of the services we tailor to our clients growth needs.


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