Start-ups and Emerging Companies

We advise start-ups and emerging companies at every stage of their evolution, from initial formation and angel investment or venture capital financing. These clients benefit from our pragmatic advice, sensitivity to resource limitations and readiness to open doors and make game-changing introductions, including to angel investors, private equity funds, web developers and designers, accountants and industry specific consultants.

Starting a small business is challenging and it helps to have a legal expert immediately available 24/7/365.   Over the years we’ve set up Canadian subsidiaries and branch offices of foreign companies, incorporating new businesses for technology geniuses and government consultants as well as representing franchisees on purchasing and setting up their first franchise businesses.  Whatever the business context, our legal advice is tailored to facilitate our clients’ rapid start and growth.

It is our privilege to be attorneys to these amazing clients, who have big ideas and even bigger plans to create jobs and change the world.


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