Technology and Licensing

“We’ll take the time to understand each client’s complex technology and ever-evolving business model. And, when it comes to transactions, we understand that our clients want us to facilitate rather than frustrate transactions.”

We advise clients on commercial, legal and regulatory issues in the software, hardware, information technology, media and e-commerce industries. At Smutylo Law+, because we understand and embrace technology, we respond to seemingly complex situations with simple and practical advice and solutions that keep our clients’ bottom line in mind.  And, we understand and speak legalese and tech-speak!

Our clients include hardware manufacturers, software vendors, enterprise software purchasers, application developers and web service companies of all types and sizes.  Our transaction experience ranges from development, licensing and service agreements to outright technology purchases.   When it comes to technology and licensing law, we have the in-house legal expertise typically only found within the technology departments of large Silicon Valley law firms.

We are available to provide the full spectrum of legal services, including:

  • protection and monetization of intellectual property;
  • contracts for software development, licensing and support services;
  • contracts for application development and licensing;
  • hardware acquisition and enterprise-wide hardware rollout projects;
  • outsourcing and system implementation and integration;
  • contractor and consulting arrangements;
  • cloud services agreements;
  • open source licensing;
  • source code escrow agreements;
  • patent pool licensing, such as Dolby and MPEG LA;
  • software and technology audits;
  • acquisition and disposal of companies and businesses;
  • technology-related issues arising in the context of acquisition transactions;
  • Internet and e-commerce transactions;
  • website terms and conditions, including privacy;
  • client precedent library development and management;
  • contract management documentation and training;
  • regulatory compliance, including personal information.



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