Estate Disputes and Will Litigation

We will discuss with you your options and, if circumstances require, we are available to assist you in successfully bringing or defending estate litigation claims. At all times, we will be sensitive to the economic and emotional impact of the dispute and endeavour to achieve a fair and fast resolution.

We are available to advise and assist as circumstances require, including with the following matters:

  • Will challenges;
  • disputes over the appointment or removal of an Estate Trustee;
  • complaints by beneficiaries about the administration of an Estate and distribution of the money and other assets;
  • complaints by family members or others about the use or misuse of a power of attorney;
  • care decisions;
  • competing powers of attorneys;
  • demands for a proper accounting;
  • complaints and disputes over compensation (fees) for executors and power of attorneys;
  • elder financial abuse;
  • elder capacity issues;
  • dependant relief claims;
  • passing of accounts.


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