Probate and Estate Administration

We provide legal advice to Executors and family members through the estate administration process. Whether this involves our taking an active role or advisory role, we are available and have the expertise and resources to support our clients during this complex and often emotionally charged period.  We know that a good Estate Lawyer will make a difficult situation a little less difficult.

As Estate Lawyers, we understand that smooth and fast probate and estate administration will help beneficiaries adjust and move forward to new circumstances.

We will explain the process clearly and help you make good decisions.   If you are the Executor or Estate Trustee for an estate with a Will or without a Will, we will assist you carry out your Executor duties and avoid Executor liability pitfalls.   We can provide as much or as little assistance as you need.

We provide timely and valuable guidance to clients on a range of estate administration matters, including:

  • inventory and asset management
  • debt collections and repayments
  • obtaining Certificate of Estate Trustee With a Will and Certificate of Estate Trustee Without a Will documents
  • distribution of assets
  • passing of accounts
  • estate litigation


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