Professional Corporation

Contact Name


Contact Number




What is the proposed name of the Corporation?

* Note: Professional Corporations must form part of the name for this type of company.
* There may be other requirements for the name depending on the type of business you are going to operate.


Please provide a general description of your business and the services you will provide


Full Address of Registered Office


How is your profession regulated, and by whom?


When is the Financial Year-end of the Corporation?

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Will your Corporation assign an Auditor or Accountant?

 Yes No


If yes, please provide details


Do you wish to have the original records:

 Kept by us Kept by you


Name of the Bank the Corporation will use


Address of Bank

* If you don’t know the answer, leave blank.


Name and Address of all director(s) of the Corporation:


Please provide Shareholder Information:


Is there any other important information that we should know?

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