Industry Canada Now Part of Newly Created “Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada”

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada was recently formed by Canada’s Trudeau government by the amalgamation of Industry Canada and the Ministry for Science and Technology. The motive here is clear, to closer associate science and technology with economic growth and development. As technology becomes a key driver of economic growth it has become clear that governments must engage and foster the science and technology sectors. While economies have always been directly linked to technology and innovation, they have rarely been governed or regulated as one industry. The recent reorganization of Industry Canada is the first sign of the new government recognizing the intrinsic link between the two sectors and the pivotal role they will play in Canada’s future. Foreign technology companies operating in Canada might be wondering how exactly this restructuring will affect them, particularly might their obligations change under the new ministry. Additionally, will the pairing of Industry Canada and the Ministry of Science and Technology possibly open new avenues for investment or streamline business processes.

Simply, for companies applying to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada for certification or registration of wireless products under RSP-100 there will be no material change of substance or procedure. Similarly, compliance and liaison obligations will remain the same for the time being. For our clients this means business as usual and in case of change our clients will be duly notified and the proper arrangements and corrections will be made.

In the long run, this coupling of ministries could signify new opportunities for our wireless technologies clients. As developments occur and the nature of this fledgling organization becomes clear we will actively bring to our clients opportunities for growth. We do forecast that reporting across our clients organization will be come streamlined, as prior compliance to the Ministry of Science and Technology mandates and those of Industry Canada will now be owed to one organization. This will result in improved communication and report with the Ministry and sprout long lasting relationships. Clients wishing to explore consolidation of reporting or legislation compliance should contact Smutylo Law+ to explore their options.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding Industry Canada; Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada; Canadian Representatives or RSP-100 (Certification of Radio Apparatus) procedures call or email Koby Smutylo at 613 869 5440 or

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