The new Spectrum Management System and the RSP-100

On January 20, 2016 Innovation, Science and Economics Canada (formerly Industry Canada) gave notice that they are  releasing the following documents:

Issue 11 of RSP‑100 has been significantly changed from the previous issue due primarily to the implementation of the Department’s new online Spectrum Applications Modernization – Commercial Software Implementation (SAM‑CSI) tool and Issue 6 of DC-01 has also been changed significantly from the previous issue from the implementation of the SAM-CSI tool.

Those wishing to certify radio equipment will now need to do so through the Spectrum website which can be found here.
The services offered through the new Spectrum Management System include certification, registration of terminal equipment, registration of wireless test sites and various search tools. The new Spectrum Management System offers a more streamlined and effective approach for registering and certifying radio apparatuses with Innovation, Science and Economics Canada.
The requirement for out of country applicants to have a Canadian Representative remains.
As before clients  are required to apply for certification or registration of specific equipment types, the certifications and registrations which are available through the new Spectrum Management System are listed below:

  • New Single Product Certification/Registration
  • New Family Product Certification/Registration
  • Add New Product to Existing Certification/Registration (C1PC, C2PC)
  • Product Modification (C3PC, C4PC)
  • Multiple Listing of Certification/Registration
  • Full Transfer of Certification/Registration
  • Partial Transfer of Certification/Registration
  • New Test Site Registration
  • Renew Test Site Registration
  • Telecommunications Apparatus Register (TAR)

For our current clients, if you currently hold an equipment certification or registration, your existing account structure and account number will remain the same.

New clients and new companies will be given an account number generated by the Spectrum Management System. For accounts with multiples services, new Spectrum Management System account numbers will be generated sequentially. These changes will not effect certification or registration numbers, these numbers will remain the same and can be used as an identifier when obtaining services from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.
The new changes to the system allow for us to provide more efficient applications to our Canadian Representative clients concerning RSP-100 certifications. The modernization of the application system by virtue of the Spectrum Management System is a welcome change the we are certain our Canadian Representative clients will be able to take advantage of.
If you have any questions or would like more information regarding radio equipment certification in Canada (RSP-100 and others) or require a Canadian Representative for your application to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada), call or email Koby Smutylo at 613 869 5440 or


We’re proud to be the Canadian Representative for Anki DRIVE!!

Recently, we were retained to be Anki’s Canadian Representative in connection with its application to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (formerly Industry Canada) for wireless certification in Canada.  We are proud to be a small part of  bringing this exciting new technology to Canada.  Thank you, Anki!

According to the product description on the Apple Store, “Anki DRIVE uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver the first video game in the real world. Each car has been engineered to think: It knows where it is, makes decisions, and drives itself. Using your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or iPad mini you can take control of a car to play against friends or AI cars. But watch your back.  Anki DRIVE AI cars have been designed to take you out.”

For more information about Anki DRIVE, see


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