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Get a Canadian Representative

We provide Canadian Representative services. Foreign company’s applying to sell certain products in Canada must provide in writing the identity of a representative in Canada who is capable of responding to enquiries and who can provide post-certification audit samples at no charge to the Canadian Federal Government. We charge a one-time flat fee for our Canadian Representative services.

Once we are retained us as your Canadian Representative and you have provided us with certain required information about your application, we will send you our Canadian Representative Attestation Letter within 24 hours.

For more information regarding the Certification Process, click here.

Verify an Accredited Investor

An “accredited investor” is a person or entity with exclusive access to loosely regulated investments like hedge funds, leveraged buyouts, and startups. The Canadian Securities Commission has established regulations on who can become an accredited investor. If you are looking to becomes an accredited investor, please fill out the form below to get started.

For more information on requirements to become an accredited investor please click here.

Find a Public Shell

When the markets are hot, CPCs are all the rage. What is a CPC? What is so great about a CPC? How do you find or organize a CPC?

A “CPC”, or Capital Pool Company, is a shell public company organized in accordance with the rules of the TSX Venture Exchange for the purpose of finding and acquiring an active business. CPCs are a common vehicle sophisticated investors use to take successful or promising active businesses public. In effect, the investors create an asset, being the clean public company, which they then offer to another company for its going public vehicle. In theory, the investors increase the value of their shares by rolling the active business into their shell and the active business benefits from all the advantages of being a public company i.e. access to capital and liquidity

If you’re looking for a CPC, please call us at 613 869 5440.

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